Sunday, August 16, 2009

White Wheat Bread

I have been wondering about the difference between Hard Red Wheat and Hard White Wheat. I read a little about it online. In my reading I found that white wheat has a milder flavor, but all the same nutrients of red wheat. The length of storage is the same. The difference is in the coloring of the bran. White wheat has a lighter color. I decided that I wanted to try it out. So, I bought some.

I used the same bread recipe. It is hard to tell the difference between red wheat flour and white wheat flour. The loaves of bread made from the white wheat are a lighter color after baking. Not as light as white bread made from white flour.

My conclusion: I will still use a little white wheat. I will use it for tortillas and pizza dough and cinnamon rolls. We learned that our family actually prefers the "wheat" taste in our bread.

My suggestion is if you want to have white bread with higher nutritional content use a mixture of white wheat flour and white flour (bleached flour from the store). I think it would be hard to tell if you sneaked in a cup or two into your loaves. Gradually you could build up the amount of white wheat flour and then mix in the red wheat flour.

If you are considering purchasing wheat and want to get a great price, check out They have Hard Red Wheat. There prices are great and shipping is free in the US. Another great thing is there is no minimum weight required for shipment. I think you have to purchase one case of six #10 cans. The current price is just over $22.

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