Wednesday, June 10, 2009

72 Hour Kits

Last year we made two 72 hour kits. I was pretty impressed with our efforts at the time. As I went through the contents more recently I decided they were probably lacking a few necessary items. They are better than nothing.

I put a lot of thought into the container/holder for our kits. I finally decided on rolling backpacks. They have more than one method of transporting them. They can be worn like a backpack, pulled behind by the handle and wheels, or they can be carried by the handles on the top and bottom of the bag. I researched them before I bought them. There are tons of them on the internet. They are quite expensive. The good ones ranged from $65 to $120. I thought I would take a look at what Walmart had to offer before making my purchase. Our backpacks were $17.95! What a bargain. They have sturdy construction and good wheels. The backpack itself should survive 72 hours. The blue one is for the girls and the orange one is for the boys. I think I will change that because when I took them down I was certain that the boys should have blue.

When I emptied the backpacks I remembered I had no water. I had contact solution, but no contact case or glasses. A waterproof match holder but no matches. They definitely could use some improvement.
Later I will make a list of the contents to my revised 72 hour kits.

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