Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3 Month Start

I am working on a Three Month Supply of food and Essentials. Originally what I was doing to build up our 3 month supply was putting anything that was left in the cabinets at the end of the week in the basement. I had mostly a disorganized mix of foods. They were also the foods that we chose not to eat when they were upstairs. This built up a little quantity, but it was our last choice foods. I decided that these were not the best things to store. If under stress, we will want to eat some of our favorite foods.

I started to buy extra of what we eat the most. Great idea right? Kind of. After a little while I had some of the ingredients for some of our favorite meals. Not really all that helpful either.

In the past I focused mainly on dinners. We eat breakfast and lunch too! I have tried to accumulate breakfast foods lately. My easy shelf stable breakfasts are cereal and fruit bars. My kids love pancakes and sausage. My goal is to learn how to store this stuff. I have the Ball Canning Guide and it says that sausage patties can be canned. Someday I will try it.

Our lunch menu is coming along. I have planned for chicken salad sandwiches, pb&j and pasta. I need to learn how to make bread and what I need to store for it. The Safely Gathered In blog has a recipe I plan to try.

I need to make a plan for dinners. Something is better than nothing. I do have something.

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Jon & Sanja Jarvis said...

Awesome! I am impressed!