Monday, July 13, 2009


This blog entry isn't really about wheat, it is about my husband's wheat grinder. It was a gift. He got it for Father's Day! He will never use it. It is really for me!!! What a great way to get the things I need. I learned the trick from Brother Leckie. He gave his wife a tiller one year for Mother's Day (maybe it was for her birthday).

I researched wheat grinders online before purchasing. I weighed the pros and cons, then purchased this one. It is a Blendtec/K-Tec.

Pros: lightweight, small, grinds many grains and beans, makes fine flours, internal parts do not need to be cleaned, I have used a similar one before, less expensive than many other grinders

Cons: loud, cannot make cracked wheat

Paying less is always great as long as I am sure it is a quality product. I did not find any reviews with quality concerns. The only thing I was worried about was the noise. I will not be using it that often so it should not be a huge problem. Several of the reviews suggested a solution to the noise. The reviews suggested using it in the garage or outside. As for the cracked wheat, I do not eat it. If it becomes necessary for me to eat cracked wheat, a blender can perform that task.

My plan is to try it out tomorrow. I am excited. I make killer wheat bread and don't get me started on wheat crust pizza!

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