Saturday, July 25, 2009


This is my Food Storage Made Easy Binder. I bought it from I love it. It cost $17. It has tips about getting organized, steps to follow to get your food storage, 72 hour emergency preparedness, etc. After you buy the book you are sent an email with a link that allows you to download and print the book at home. It comes with step by step instructions on how to put the book together and a list of what you will need to do it.
If you do not want to spend $17 on the book, most of what is in the book and some things that are not in the book are available free on the website. The "babysteps" are easy to follow. If you follow the plan, you will have 72 hour emergency/disaster kits, a 3 month supply of foods you regularly eat and a one year long-term food storage within a year.
I refer back to my binder often. It is worth it to me to have the binder. It is just easier for me to find it in the book than it is to search the website. If you have a group of people that are interested in buying the book they give discounts for multiple printings.
I love my book. It was definitely worth the $17.

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