Saturday, July 25, 2009


I made my bread. It was yummy. My kids couldn't even wait for it to cool before they had a slice.

My loaves were two different sizes for two reasons. One was that I didn't divide the dough equally between the two pans. The second was one of my loaf pans is bigger than the other. The loaf pan in the picture was my grandmother's. My mom told me it makes a great loaf of bread. She was right.

I made my bread by hand without a mixer and from wheat that I ground myself. Just in case anyone is wondering, my wheat grinder did a great job. It is very loud. As the hopper empties the grinder spit a few wheat berries out on to the counter. I recommend getting a new silicon-type pastry brush for cleaning out the grinder after each use. I used an older boars hair one and had bristles in my wheat flour. I borrowed a wheat grinder similar to mine a couple of years ago. I used a wet wash cloth to clean it. I do not recommend that method. It made the wheat flour stick in all the tiny corners. Not fun.

The recipe I used was great. I found it at It is a great recipe. The post about it has pictures and easy to follow step by step instructions with pictures. I used honey not sugar. I used a little more flour than the recipe called for because as I kneeded the dough it became too sticky.


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edith said...

I have tried to make different types of bread by hand but they never turn out as fluffy as yours. I mean, they are always too thin. Any advise? I finally got a bread machine. I have tried one recipe in it but it turned out kinda weird. I don't like that bread machine, it's better than nothing though. It was given to me, so I guess I won't complain. . . as much. :) Any who, do you have any advice on how to make my bread look like real bread? It turns out looking like half the size of what bread should be. thanks!